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Senators rush to provide aid to Ukraine and Israel, reach border deal

Senator Chris Murphy has criticized Republicans for linking aid for Ukraine and Israel to changes in immigration policy, calling it one of the most dangerous moments in American politics. Senate Republicans had blocked a bill providing aid to Ukraine and Israel because it did not include their desired changes to border policy. Senator James Lankford, the lead Republican negotiator, argued that the White House had incorporated border policy changes into foreign aid legislation. Murphy described Republican demands as reflective of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and suggested that the Biden administration may need to get more involved in the border negotiations. Lankford acknowledged that a border deal would need to represent a middle ground between Democratic and Republican positions. Both sides are working to resolve the impasse and reach consensus on the border policy changes to allow for the passage of aid for Ukraine and Israel. President Biden indicated a willingness to compromise on border policy to facilitate the passage of Ukraine aid, and Senator Murphy suggested that the White House may become more engaged in the border negotiations. The extension of time for negotiations is unknown, while the humanitarian parole issue remains outstanding, allowing migrants to temporarily stay in the U.S. for “urgent humanitarian reasons.” As the situation becomes more critical, the chances of achieving an agreement on immigration and border policy, as well as aid for Ukraine and Israel, remain uncertain.

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