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Rwanda Conflict: PM Sunak’s ‘Stop the Boats’ Pledge Faces Critical Test | Refugee News

London – British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing a political firestorm as he seeks to persuade rebel MPs to back his latest plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The plan, known as the Safety of Rwanda Bill, aims to discourage people from crossing the English Channel to Britain in small boats by resettling them in Rwanda. However, there is significant opposition to the bill, with concerns about its legality under international law to accusations that it is not “sufficiently watertight”.

With a crucial House of Commons vote scheduled for Tuesday, Sunak faces a potential rebellion from Conservative MPs, highlighting a deep division within the party about his leadership and policies. These tensions have been compared to the difficulties faced by former Prime Minister Theresa May during her time in office and have led to speculation about Sunak’s future as leader.

Despite his efforts to rally support for the bill, Sunak’s approval ratings have plummeted, and he is facing significant backlash from voters. Critics argue that the policy is cruel and impractical, while others argue that the UK is shirking its responsibilities by outsourcing refugee and asylum claims to poorer countries.

If Sunak does manage to secure enough support for the bill, it is uncertain whether it will ultimately benefit his government, as most voters are more concerned about other pressing issues such as the cost of living and the state of the National Health Service. Divided parties tend not to win elections, and the Conservative Party’s infighting may pose significant challenges in the upcoming general election.

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