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Rescue Mission Successful: Hiker Trapped by Heavy Boulder Saved in California’s Inyo Mountains

A hiker was rescued after being stuck under a boulder weighing between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds in California’s Inyo Mountains. The hiker was found in great pain with his left leg pinned beneath the boulder. Inyo County Sheriff’s Office informed the Inyo County Search and Rescue about the accident and an intense search operation was launched, including a helicopter, to rescue the hiker. Using ropes, pulleys, and leverage, the SAR team shifted the boulder enough to free the hiker and assess and stabilize his injuries. The hiker was airlifted to a hospital in Fresno after midnight due to the seriousness of his injuries and the difficulty of the terrain. A US Navy medic rappelled from the helicopter to the scene and the injured hiker was hoisted into the helicopter and flown to Fresno for treatment. The rescue teams signed out of the operation the following morning at 4 a.m. An update on the hiker’s injuries and health was not provided.

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