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Police officers criticized for facing psychological toll after 17 ‘political’ indictments are dismissed

A progressive district attorney in Austin, Texas, has stirred controversy after dismissing indictments against 17 police officers involved in quelling Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. The move has been described as a political smear and a war on cops by both current and former Austin police officers. Travis County District Attorney José Garza announced the dismissal of the charges, despite the officers being exonerated by the Austin Police Department. Critics of Garza have accused him of being backed by liberal mega donor George Soros and of pushing a progressive ideology, which has led to a negative impact on police morale and public safety in Austin. The charges against the officers were dropped after the city paid out over $18 million to settle civil lawsuits related to the protests. While the charges have been dismissed, Garza’s office has requested an investigation by the Justice Department into the actions of the officers and the Austin Police Department. The decision to prosecute the officers has been described as a travesty, causing irreparable damage to their lives according to law enforcement members. The city’s inability to provide justice for the officers has been a blow to their morale and has led to an exodus of officers from the force. Despite the charges being dropped, many believe that the officers will never fully recover from the ordeal, which has been described as a form of punishment by Garza for his personal political agenda. This move has faced backlash from the law enforcement community, with calls for Garza to resign and for systemic reform within the Austin Police Department.

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