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Massive Demonstrations Against Antisemitism Take Place in Brussels and Berlin on Sunday

Thousands of people across Europe have come together to denounce antisemitism, showing support for the Jewish community in Brussels and Berlin. In Brussels, the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organisations in Belgium organized a march, with approximately 4,000 participants from Jewish institutions, the Belgian League Against antisemitism, and the Forum of Jewish Organisations in Antwerp. The president of the CCOJB, Yves Oschinsky, stated that the march aimed to show the Jewish community that they are not alone. In Berlin, politicians, artists, and celebrities gathered under the motto “Never again is now” to stand against antisemitism, despite the rainy weather.

The events come in the wake of a substantial increase in antisemitic incidents in Germany, following the October 7 Hamas attack. A monitoring group reported a 320% rise in incidents compared to the same period the previous year. German leaders have called for solidarity with Israel and the Jewish community in Germany in response to these alarming figures.

These demonstrations follow similar events in London, Paris, and other cities around the world, all aimed at showing support for the Jewish community and condemning antisemitism. In Brussels, the message was clear that the march was not just for Jews but for politicians to understand that antisemitism is not an electoral asset, but instead has an electoral cost.

The rallies in both Brussels and Berlin indicate a growing concern and commitment to combatting antisemitism and supporting the Jewish community across Europe. With thousands of people coming together, it is clear that there is a united front against antisemitism, and a strong message to political leaders that action must be taken to address and prevent such incidents.

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