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“Hamas Demands Conditions for Hostages’ Release as Heavy Fighting Continues in Gaza City, Tanks Advance” – World News Update on Israel-Gaza Conflict

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on Hamas fighters to continue surrendering to Israeli forces as controversial videos showing Palestinian men being rounded up by soldiers have been widely shared. The Prime Minister stated that “dozens” of Hamas-linked men have already surrendered. The videos, broadcast on Channel 13 TV, show detainees stripped to their underwear with their hands in the air, some holding assault rifles above their heads. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have defended their methods, stating that Hamas members often hide among civilians and the stripping was necessary in case the men were carrying explosives. However, a group of men who were released claimed they had been beaten and denied food and water by Israeli soldiers. The IDF has denied these claims and maintained that all detainees are treated in accordance with international law. Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that “dozens who are terrorists” have been arrested and that the surrender of Hamas members is a significant development. Reports suggest that 60% of the detainees have been released due to lack of links to Hamas.

The controversial videos and the treatment of the detainees have sparked widespread condemnation and criticism. The Israeli government has been questioned over its methods, and human rights organizations have expressed concerns about the treatment of the Palestinian detainees. The videos have also sparked debates about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the use of force by Israeli forces. The situation is likely to escalate tensions in the region and further fuel the ongoing conflict. The IDF’s actions and the treatment of the Palestinian detainees are likely to be at the center of international scrutiny and discussions. Netanyahu’s call for Hamas fighters to surrender comes amid growing pressure on Israel to address the issues raised by the controversial videos and to ensure the protection of human rights and international law in its military operations.

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