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Garrett Wilson of the Jets shines after receiving an abundance of targets

New York Jets head coach, Robert Saleh, along with quarterback Zach Wilson and receiver Garrett Wilson kept quiet, but it was evident in Zach’s actions that the Jets had one clear mantra for Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans: throw the ball to Garrett Wilson. The duo connected 14 times for 108 yards, and the Houston Secondary struggled to contain Wilson.

Wilson’s increasing talent as a receiver was noted by Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner and is reflective of his accountability and frustration with the team’s losing streak. Keeping his personal stats secondary to the team’s success, Wilson highlighted the importance of finding rhythm in the offense and paying back their defense that has carried them through the season.

Additionally, Wilson joked with reporters about his personal competition with Breece Hall, a running back for the Jets, who proclaimed himself as the best player on the team. Despite the lighthearted competition, Wilson and Hall’s performance against the Texans marked a significant improvement in the offense.

Improvement in scoring may help support the Jets’ defense and make the remaining games more enjoyable to watch for fans, even if a playoff berth might be out of reach for the team. If Wilson, along with the entire Jets offense, carries its momentum forward, the team’s upcoming games promise to be an exciting watch.

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