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Donald Trump reverses decision, will not testify in New York fraud trial

Trump withdraws from testifying in $250 million civil fraud trial

In a last-minute change of plans, former President Donald Trump announced that he will not testify in the $250 million civil fraud trial that is currently underway against him and his company. He made the announcement on his social media platform, claiming that he had already testified to everything and had nothing further to add.

Trump had been expected to testify in the trial, which has lasted two months, and was entering its final week of testimony. He had been called as a witness by the New York Attorney General Letitia James’ team. During his previous testimony on November 6, Trump launched personal attacks on the judge presiding over the case and made similar claims of political interference.

Trump’s attorney has stated that there was no valid reason for the former president to testify further in the case, as the defense witnesses have already demonstrated that there were no defaults, victims, or fraud. Trump’s son Eric Trump also backed out of testifying in the trial, with his father claiming he had already testified “perfectly.”

The reversal on Trump’s testimony came after an accounting expert hired by the defense testified that the AG’s case had no merit and that he didn’t see any evidence of fraud in the financial statements being challenged.

The trial began on October 2 and is expected to conclude with closing arguments on January 11. The judge presiding over the case expects it will take him a few weeks to issue his ruling. Despite not testifying, the former president has continued to claim that the trial is a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

As the trial enters its final phase, the AG’s office is expected to have two rebuttal witnesses testify for their case before both sides submit final filings to the judge. Trump has been fined on two occasions by the judge and warned of escalating penalties after he violated a gag order by criticizing the judge’s law clerk.

In summary, Trump’s withdrawal from testifying in the trial comes as the case approaches its conclusion, with closing arguments expected soon and the judge to issue his ruling in the following weeks.

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