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Charities Condemn Security Guard’s Treatment of Homeless Man in London

Homelessness charities have condemned the “appalling” and “deeply upsetting” footage of a McDonald’s security guard soaking a homeless person’s belongings and called for more action to be taken to help people living on the streets. The evidence of the incident at a McDonald’s in central London emerged over the weekend, prompting shock and heartbreak from aid workers. According to Balbir Kaur Chatrik of the homelessness charity Centrepoint, this case is part of an alarming trend. The man affected by the incident, identified as 25-year-old Aaron McCarthy, called the guards’ treatment “disgusting” and said his sleeping bag was ruined. The video prompted apologies from McDonald’s, and the security guards involved were permanently removed. The incident has been met with widespread criticism from homelessness charities and organizations, along with calls for action to end homelessness and improve the treatment of those living on the streets. Jacob Dimitriou of Housing Justice called the incident “simply unacceptable”, and Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter, emphasized the need for investment in affordable social homes. The public was also encouraged to report concerns for people sleeping rough to the Streetlink service to ensure they receive help. The various charities expressed that incidents like this one are not unique and show the need for continued efforts to support and protect people experiencing homelessness.

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