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Brawl between Cowboys and Eagles fans spreads to memorabilia stand

A violent confrontation between fans erupted during Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, signaling a tense rivalry between the two teams. Video footage shared on social media showed two fans entangled in a physical fight in the stadium’s concourse, eventually spilling over to a nearby sports memorabilia stand. The altercation drew a gathering of Eagles and Cowboys fans as they watched the fight unfold. The skirmish, which involved punches being thrown and eventually made its way to the ground, remained unclear as to what exactly triggered it. The Cowboys ultimately emerged victorious with a 33-13 defeat of the Eagles, knocking them out of the top spot in the NFC East. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott shone during the game, and team owner Jerry Jones spoke highly of his performance. The Cowboys’ next game will be against the Bills next Sunday, while the Eagles will look to break their losing streak against the Seahawks on December 18.

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