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Trump plans to reclaim position in New York fraud trial – Queen City News

Amid Threats of Fraud, Trump to Testify at New York Trial
Business magnate and former president, Donald Trump is expected to take the witness stand in his defense against claims that his business committed fraud over a decade-long duration. Trump will testify for a third time, this time under questioning from his own legal team. His previous testimony frequently grew political as it often sounded more like a political speech than a direct examination, with Trump railing against the judge and New York attorney general. The first time Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. testified in the New York attorney general’s case, he distanced himself from the documents central to the case. Witnesses have given varied testimony, with their defense statements often not in alignment with their previous testimonies. Deutsche Bank and its executives were also called to bolster Trump’s defense with arguments that the bank wanted to work with the Trump Organization and did not find any fraud. Amid this battle in the New York trial, Trump is also facing 91 charges across four criminal cases, where the first trial is scheduled to take place in Washington on March 4. As Trump enters his third round of testimony, further insight is expected into how he will approach his upcoming criminal trials.

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