Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Republicans criticize Casey DeSantis for her 2024 Iowa caucus declaration

The Republican Party of Iowa reminded citizens on social media that only Iowans can caucus, after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey DeSantis encouraged mothers and grandmothers from across the country to come to Iowa to support her husband. Casey clarified that you have to be a registered voter in Iowa to caucus, and she is asking people to participate by volunteering for her husband’s campaign in Iowa. Despite rumors, non-residents of Iowa are not allowed to caucus. The Trump campaign accused the DeSantises of spreading false information and called on Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to clarify the rules of the caucus. To caucus in Iowa, you must be eligible to vote in the state, live in the precinct where your caucus site is located, be 18 years old by Nov. 5, 2024, be registered as a Republican or Democrat, and have proof of identification. Non-registered Republicans or Democrats will not be able to caucus unless they change their registration on caucus night.

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