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Report: Queen Letizia of Spain had a romantic relationship with her ex-brother-in-law before he married her sister

A recent tell-all book about Queen Letizia of Spain has stirred up drama for the Spanish royal family. In the book, Queen Letizia’s former brother-in-law, Jaime Del Burgo, claims that he had a romantic relationship with the queen before she married King Felipe in 2004. Del Burgo, who was previously married to Letizia’s sister, provided alleged evidence of the affair, including a selfie of Letizia wearing a black pashmina that he claims belonged to him. He also claimed that the queen asked to see him the night before her wedding and made a request for him to never leave her. According to Del Burgo, he has more evidence of their alleged romance, including photographs, videos, and mobile phones. The Spanish Royal Family has not commented on the claims made in the book. The book, “Letizia & I,” was written by journalist Jaime Peñafiel and includes Del Burgo’s account of his relationship with Queen Letizia. This revelation adds to the recent royal drama, including the British royal family’s fallout over King Charles and Kate Middleton being accused of questioning baby Archie’s skin color. With both the British and Spanish royal families facing their own controversies, it seems that royalty is not immune to personal drama and scandal.

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