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‘I’ve landed myself in a terrible situation’

Country music star Morgan Wallen has addressed the racial-slur scandal that threatened to end his career in 2021, admitting that he has no excuse for using the N-word. The 30-year-old singer, who had ruled the charts last year, stated in a Billboard interview that he has learned the impact of his words and has taken steps to educate himself by meeting with black music industry leaders and organizations. Wallen acknowledged that he had put himself in a tough spot and faced the consequences, including radio stations stopping play of his music and award shows declaring him ineligible. He expressed regret for his behavior and stated that he is not the same person he was at the time of the controversy. The singer emphasized that he has changed and learned from the experience, expressing remorse for the hurt he caused. Despite the damage to his career, Wallen’s fans have remained loyal, showing the power of his influence. The article highlights Wallen’s growth and the realization of the significance of his platform. For more information, visit the original article on NYPost.com.

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