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Indonesian citizens unite in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza | Latest on Israel-Palestine conflict

More than 1000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, to show their support for Palestine and call for an end to the conflict in the Middle East. The rally took place in front of the Istana Maimoon, a historical landmark in the city. Many of the participants described the people of Palestine as “family” and emphasized the importance of humanitarian aid and supporting the Palestinian cause.

Local resident Mustafa Kamal Harahap, who attended the rally with his three children, expressed his motivation for participating in the protest, stating that it was important to teach his children about humanity and the need for peace in Palestine. Harahap emphasized the hope for Palestinian freedom and called for a ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and suffering.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been taking place across Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, and there have been calls for boycotting businesses perceived as being affiliated with Israel. Many participants, including housewife Eka Sari, expressed a willingness to provide humanitarian aid to Palestine and highlighted the importance of supporting the Palestinian cause.

The rally in Medan was organized as an interfaith event, with representatives from multiple religious communities present. Indonesia does not have formal diplomatic ties with Israel, but the issue of providing humanitarian aid to Gaza transcended religious boundaries for many of the participants.

Overall, the rally in Medan demonstrated a strong and widespread support for Palestine among Indonesians, emphasizing the need for humanitarian aid and calling for an end to the conflict in the region. The gathering also shed light on the ongoing impact of the conflict on innocent civilians and the importance of solidarity in addressing the humanitarian crisis.

Photo credit www.aljazeera.com


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