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Hunter’s Troubles Continue: Fox News Reports on Another Incident

Fox News Politics delivers the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail straight to your inbox. In current events, President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been indicted on new federal criminal charges related to a four-year tax evasion scheme. This comes after IRS whistleblowers released their findings on the president’s son, leading to Hunter being subpoenaed for a deposition in the House next week. The charges against Hunter Biden could result in up to 17 years in prison if he is convicted. President Biden refrained from making any comments on his son’s criminal charges, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed questions on whether the president would pardon his son.

Additionally, Hunter Biden recorded a podcast with musician Moby in which he accused Republicans of ‘trying to kill’ him to take down the president. Meanwhile, a Trump-appointed judge has been assigned to Hunter Biden’s case. On Capitol Hill, Rep. Jordan subpoenas Mayorkas for case files of illegal immigrants with murder and terror charges, while the Judiciary Committee questions documents related to the cutting of border razor wire. In the White House, the Biden admin is facing a congressional probe for sending billions to a solar company accused of scamming the elderly. On the campaign trail, the real winner of four GOP presidential primary debates seems to be the one who didn’t show up. Elsewhere in the country, a Jewish student group flew a ‘Harvard Hates Jews’ airplane banner around the Ivy League campus, sparking controversy, while a record-breaking surge in the migrant crisis and a severe revenue decline in California are also making headlines. Stay tuned to Fox News for more updates on the 2024 campaign trail and exclusive interviews. Subscribe to get the latest news directly in your inbox.

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