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Fashion Forum in Moscow Showcases Designers from Brazil, China, India, and South Africa -AP Photos

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit 2023 took place in Moscow earlier this month, bringing together designers from Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and other countries. The event, sponsored by the Moscow city government, showcased runway shows by designers from 12 countries and was attended by fashion industry professionals from around 60 countries. The summit, which took place amid Russia’s tensions with the West over the military action in Ukraine, highlighted Russia’s desire to expand ties with BRICS members, which include Brazil, India, China, and South Africa.

The event, which featured business meetings and open discussions, provided an opportunity for designers to present their collections in some of Moscow’s most iconic locations, including Zaryadye Park next to Red Square, the Russian State Library, and the State Historical Museum.

The fashion forum underscored Russia’s pivot away from the West and towards closer ties with BRICS nations. This shift in foreign policy priorities was evident in the diverse representation of designers and industry professionals from different countries at the summit. The event served as a platform for international collaboration and exchange within the fashion industry, reflecting Russia’s efforts to strengthen its partnerships with BRICS members.

As the tensions between Russia and the West persist, the BRICS+ Fashion Summit 2023 in Moscow provided a platform for showcasing global fashion talent and fostering connections within the industry. The event highlighted Russia’s commitment to expanding its partnerships with BRICS countries and its willingness to engage with international designers and industry professionals. The summit’s success in bringing together diverse voices from the global fashion community underlines the significance of international collaboration in the midst of geopolitical tensions.

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