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Cop28 Live: Prepares Final Package for Delegates, Presidency Announces

Presidency at COP28 is preparing a final package for delegates, with a focus on the urgent need to keep the planetary threshold of 1.5°C within reach. Germany’s climate envoy called for strong language on the phase out of fossil fuels. As the crucial phase of COP28 begins, some countries are pressing for ambitious language on phasing out fossil fuels, while others, like Saudi Arabia, are resisting. Colombia is helping build a coalition of countries in favor of ambitious language on phasing out fossil fuels. The presidency Al Jaber is calling for consensus on two key issues: fossil fuels and financing for a just transition. With just over two days remaining in the official schedule, negotiations at COP28 are getting into the details, particularly regarding the phase out, phase down, or other measures related to fossil fuels.

These talks are crucial, and the presidency is under pressure to reach a balanced package that addresses the needs of both developed and developing countries in keeping 1.5°C alive. With the clock ticking, the discussions are entering the final stretch to determine whether COP28 in Dubai will be a success or a failure. The key issues of phasing out fossil fuels and financing for a just transition are central to these negotiations, and all parties are being asked to come to terms with the need to deliver the highest ambition in addressing climate change. Despite the challenges and disagreements, there is hope that an agreement can be reached to address these critical issues and ensure a successful outcome for COP28.

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