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2023: A Historic Year for Women in Sports

2023 was a year of record-breaking in sports across the globe. From Formula 1 to women’s volleyball, there were numerous milestones achieved. Record-high attendance and viewership numbers were recorded, particularly in women’s sports. The growth in women’s sports is evident through increased media coverage and professional teams in soccer and basketball. The revenue from elite women’s sports in 2024 is predicted to surpass $1 billion, indicating a significant increase. While many records were broken, there is still room for growth in the representation of women in sports. Women’s sports media coverage increased to 15 percent in 2022, showing a positive trend but still with more progress needed. The momentum has carried into the collegiate level, with several record-breaking events in women’s volleyball and basketball. The 2024 Summer Olympics is expected to have the same number of women as men athletes for the first time, signaling continued progress in women’s sports. With the success of 2023 as a guide, it’s clear that records may fall in the future.

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