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Texas Supreme Court denies emergency abortion approval for Kate Cox

The Texas Supreme Court has put a temporary pause on a lower judge’s decision that had temporarily blocked the state from enforcing its strict abortion ban in a case involving a Dallas mother, Kate Cox, who is seeking to terminate a pregnancy due to a fatal fetal diagnosis. The Supreme Court issued an administrative stay less than 48 hours after the lower court’s order, which temporarily blocks the judge’s decision pending further review. Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a petition to reverse the lower court’s decision, arguing that the state would suffer “irreparable loss” if Cox obtained an abortion. Cox’s attorney argued that the temporary hold prevents Cox from accessing urgently needed medical care. Paxton’s appeal and arguments against the restraining order could be tested when the Supreme Court takes up his petition. Cox’s fetus has a deadly genetic condition, and she has sought emergency medical care several times due to complications. She has been advised by several doctors that her baby has “virtually no chance” of survival and that carrying the pregnancy to term would make it less likely for her to be able to carry another child in the future. Cox expressed hope and grief over the court’s decision, stating that regardless of the outcome, her family will be grieving over the loss of their unborn child due to the fatal diagnosis.

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