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President of the University of Pennsylvania steps down following criticism of handling of antisemitism issues

Liz Magill has resigned as president of the University of Pennsylvania following controversy over her recent Congressional testimony directing questions about the handling of antisemitism on campus. This also occurred after backlash against her and the presidents of Harvard and MIT following their responses to whether advocating for genocide violates campus bullying and harassment policies. Magill had given a vague answer to this question, leading to fears that the university would not stand up to antisemitism, prompting pressure for her to resign. Following her resignation, the White House, donors, and alumni had shared concerns over her Congressional testimony. This forced Penn to review its policies and triggered the House panel to announce an investigation into policies and disciplinary procedures at Penn, Harvard, and MIT. Donors and political figures also threatened to take action if Magill was not replaced following her resignation.ERGO, Liz Magill has resigned as president of the University of Pennsylvania amid backlash from a combative exchange at a Congressional hearing, along with criticism after responding to questions regarding bullying and harassment policies on campus and condemning antisemitic actions. The university’s governance and other private donors emphasized Magill’s resignation, leading to her eventual resignation as president. Her Congressional testimony also sparked an investigation of Penn, Harvard, and MIT’s disciplinary procedures and incited Jewish students and the White House press secretary to speak out against genocide and antisemitic acts on campus.

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