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Nightly Weather Forecast for 12/8/23 on CBS2 with First Alert

CBS New York’s meteorologist, Lonnie Quinn, provided the First Alert Forecast for December 8th at 11 p.m. The nightly weather report informed viewers of the current weather conditions and provided an outlook for the next few days.

Quinn began by discussing the current weather, noting any precipitation, temperature, and wind conditions. He then moved on to the forecast for the next few days, highlighting any potential weather events or changes that viewers should be aware of. The report also included information on any potential weather alerts or advisories that may be in effect.

The First Alert Forecast is an important resource for viewers, as it helps them plan and prepare for the weather in the coming days. Whether it’s making decisions about travel, outdoor activities, or simply knowing what to expect when stepping outside, the nightly weather report is a valuable tool for residents of the CBS New York viewing area.

Viewers were encouraged to tune in to CBS New York for the latest updates and to stay informed about any changes in the weather forecast.

As always, it’s important to stay informed about the weather and to be prepared for any potential changes. The First Alert Forecast provides viewers with the information they need to stay safe and make the most of their time outdoors.

For the latest weather updates and breaking news, viewers can visit the CBS New York website or download the CBS News app to receive notifications for live events and exclusive reporting.

Overall, Lonnie Quinn’s First Alert Forecast on December 8th provided viewers with the information they need to plan ahead and stay safe in the coming days. As always, CBS New York is committed to keeping its viewers informed and prepared for whatever weather may come their way.

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