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New York’s Micron to Invest $4 Million in Training Teens for High-Tech Careers | Announcement

New York State and Micron have announced a $4 million investment to train high school and middle school students for future high-tech jobs and careers. The money will be utilized to help 10 school districts develop their own curriculum in semiconductors and high-tech manufacturing. The curriculum will begin in the fall of 2024 and will be expanded to schools throughout the state. The goal is to prepare young New Yorkers for future jobs in the technology manufacturing industry, particularly as Micron builds in Onondaga County.

Governor Kathy Hochul stated that through these investments, educational opportunities will be expanded for students while also ensuring that the region is ready to welcome the jobs and opportunities brought by Micron’s transformative project. The framework for the curriculum was created with the help of education organizations and Micron. It is designed to incorporate industry-based career work and provide students with real-world skills.

New York State and Micron will split the $4 million investment for the three-year pilot phase, which will be implemented in the selected school districts. The announcement was made at a groundbreaking ceremony for the Syracuse STEAM school, the region’s first regional high school that will open in 2025. The state has committed over $71 million to the new school, with Micron and Amazon also making substantial contributions.

Micron’s plans to build up to four massive chip manufacturing plants in Clay will bring a significant investment and employment opportunities to the area. This investment is expected to be the biggest semiconductor fabrication facility in the United States.

The initiative aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for high-tech careers, ultimately creating a more prepared and knowledgeable workforce for the future of the technology manufacturing industry.

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