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New York Giants Quarterback Tommy DeVito Ranks Favorite Italian Foods

New Jersey native and New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito recently ranked his favorite Italian foods ahead of a game against the Packers. Alongside TikToker Meals_by_Cug, DeVito listed his top five pasta dishes including penne vodka, linguine with clams, Bolognese, ravioli, and lasagna. When it came to entrees, DeVito and Cug had some disagreements but ultimately agreed that cutlets were the top choice.

DeVito, who has embraced his Italian-American culture, has earned the nickname Tommy “Cutlets” due to his love of his mom’s chicken cutlets. Despite going undrafted earlier this year, DeVito has made an impact on the Giants as a quarterback, doubling the team’s season win total in his first four starts. The quarterback’s love for Italian food has resonated with Giants fans, who have embraced him as a hometown favorite amid a disappointing season for the team.

DeVito’s rankings of Italian dishes come as a fun and light-hearted moment for fans and provide a glimpse into the quarterback’s personal preferences. As the Giants prepare for their upcoming game, DeVito’s Italian food rankings have given fans something to smile about and have added to the excitement surrounding the team, even in the face of challenges. The quarterback’s love for Italian cuisine and his proud embrace of his heritage have further endeared him to the community, making him a beloved figure both on and off the field.

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