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MLB Network’s Jon Morosi issues apology for inaccurate Shohei Ohtani report on NBC Sports Bay Area & California

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi issued an apology on Friday night for providing inaccurate information about Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani. Morosi had reported that Ohtani was “en route to Toronto” but later admitted to the mistake and apologized to baseball fans. Other sports reporters quickly refuted Morosi’s claim, stating that Ohtani was actually at home in Southern California, not on his way to Canada.

The Blue Jays, Giants, Dodgers, Angels and Cubs are the reported finalists for Ohtani, with rumors suggesting that Ohtani met with Blue Jays officials earlier in the week. The latest wave of Ohtani news started with a report from Dodgers Nation’s J.P Hoornstra, claiming that Ohtani would sign with the Blue Jays. However, other MLB reporters quickly refuted this as well, stating that no decision had been made by Ohtani and there was no timeline for a decision.

An official decision from Ohtani could come as early as Friday, but the entire process has been shrouded in secrecy, with a number of erroneous reports circulating. Morosi’s apology came after his inaccurate reporting about Ohtani’s travel plans, and he expressed regret for the mistake. Baseball fans across the world are eagerly awaiting Ohtani’s decision, and the baseball world has been sent into a frenzy amidst the uncertainty. With so much speculation and conflicting reports, it’s clear that the situation surrounding Ohtani’s free agency is as unpredictable as Ohtani himself on the baseball field.

Photo credit www.nbcsportsbayarea.com


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