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Iraq’s Growing Concerns About a Wider Middle East Conflict

Southern Iraq contains a potential area of conflict, Jurf al-Nasr, which is under the control of the Iranian-linked militia Khataib Hezbollah. The militia uses the area to construct drones and rockets with parts obtained from Iran. The weapons have been used in a large number of attacks against U.S. military installations in Iraq and Syria. In response, the United States has bombed locations in Jurf al-Nasr, killing several militia members. They have long sought to maintain control over the area to use it strategically to consolidate authority in the region. The United States’ focus to overthrow Saddam Hussein in the 2000s did not bring stability, and Iran has since become the predominant influence in Iraq. Their influence is significant across all the sectors of the Iraqi government, and they have managed to form alliances through political parties. They have also used armed groups to target U.S. military forces in Iraq. In Jurf al-Nasr, the local people are kept in the dark about the activities that unfold there. The increased conflict has heightened fears about a wider conflict in the Middle East. Amid the rising tension in the region, the situation has raised concerns regarding further U.S. engagement in the area and its potential impact on the people living there.

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