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Don Garber says MLS will not add a fourth designated player after Messi’s departure

MLS commissioner Don Garber issued his annual State of the League remarks and press conference ahead of MLS Cup. The event highlighted significant milestones in the league, including the new broadcast partnership with Apple, the launch of St. Louis City SC, and the granting of a franchise to San Diego, among others. Lionel Messi’s signing with Inter Miami was also discussed, and the impact it has on the league. Garber also addressed several key topics, including the potential addition of a fourth designated player slot, schedule congestion, referee and fan safety, and the attempted move of the Columbus Crew to Austin. It was clarified that the league does not plan to add a fourth designated player, but roster rule adjustments are expected. Garber also emphasized the challenges of managing the league’s schedule and the safety of fans, players, and officials. The address emphasized the league’s plans for growth and development in the coming years, beyond Messi’s time in MLS. The article provides insights into Garber’s comments and the implications for the future of the league.

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