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‘I got myself into a really bad situation’

Country-pop sensation Morgan Wallen, who saw his music career threatened by a racial slur scandal in 2021, is acknowledging that there’s “no excuse” for his actions. In a recent interview with Billboard, Wallen admits that he put himself in a difficult situation and has learned that his words have a significant impact.

Following the leak of a video showing him using the N-word in February 2021, Wallen issued an apology and went on to meet with black industry leaders and organizations to educate himself. He also admitted that he was initially angry about the portrayal, noting that he didn’t see himself as the person he was being made out to be.

After receiving widespread backlash and consequences for his actions, including many radio stations refusing to play his music, Wallen has been reflecting on the influence he holds. He mentioned that he never realized the scale of his reach and the impact of his words before the scandal unfolded.

In his first major interview in two years, Wallen has reflected on his experience, acknowledging that he has since realized how much his words matter and has consequently changed as a person. The singer says he has become more aware of the significance of his actions and the impact they can have on people. Despite the damage to his career, Wallen’s fans have continued to support him through the controversy.

Following his reflection on the events, Morgan Wallen hopes to be seen as a changed man, stating that he is “definitely not the same person” he was three years ago. He is owning his mistake and showing that he has learned from the incident. While struggling with the backlash, Wallen’s realization about his impact on others has led him to a new perspective and growth. As he continues to reflect on his actions, Wallen aims to move past the controversy and present himself as a better person than he was before.

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