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Art, Community and Pizza Take Center Stage in Belfast’s Celebration

Visual artist and author Oliver Jeffers hosted a candlelit dinner at the Portview Trade Centre in East Belfast to celebrate the launch of his 20th book, “Begin Again.” The event included Irish and Northern Irish artists, like actress Caitriona Balfe and writer Jan Carson. The dinner featured dishes from local bistro Noble and American-style pizzeria Flout, prepared using portable pizza ovens and a small stove due to lack of power and running water. The dinner was styled by event stylist Rachel Worthington McQueen, and the menu included dishes like crab and lobster and New Haven-style clam pie. Drinks were overseen by Noble’s manager Saul McConnell, including Lyrarakis, Crete wine and a full-bodied English bitter from Boundary Brewing Company. The evening included conversation on global events and a musical playlist created by the Irish producer and D.J. Marion Hawkes. The dinner concluded with a recipe from Noble’s head chef, Pearson Morris, for fresh, homemade mayonnaise.

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