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The Beauty Routine of Sadie Sink: Embracing a Red Lip and Apple Cider Vinegar

Jeanette Cutlack has embraced a minimalist approach to beauty and skincare, favoring products like Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon for her morning routine. She prefers a natural look, only using makeup as needed and opting for simple, red lipsticks over dramatic eye makeup. Cutlack also values holistic skincare practices, such as using a zit sticker from CosRx and taking apple cider vinegar baths. While she doesn’t emphasize hair products, she swears by Iles Formula Finishing Serum.

In addition to her beauty routine, Cutlack is also a chef and the owner of Croft 3, a restaurant on the Scottish island of Mull. After relocating from England to Mull, Cutlack restored a stone barn into a dining hall and a timber-clad extension for the kitchen. She sources local ingredients for the restaurant, serving dishes like homemade haggis and venison gnocchi. Croft 3 aims to embody the rustic beauty of the Scottish landscape, offering communal dining experiences and plans to expand to include sheep farming and food production.

The Spanish artist Violeta Maya is known for her escapist landscapes, which are created from a unique process involving raw canvases, water, and spontaneous application of pigments and acrylic paints. Her upcoming solo exhibition, “Precisamente Porque el Rosa Me Incomoda,” will explore femininity and feature 17 paintings created during an artistic residency in Spain. Maya’s work will be accompanied by ceramic sculptures and a large central installation.

Nigerian designer Nifemi Marcus-Bello’s latest collaboration with a community of self-taught metalsmiths and auto engineers has resulted in a collection titled “Oríkì (Act II): Tales by Moonlight,” currently on display at Design Miami. The collection includes furniture and art objects that reference the industrial design of auto parts and is also accompanied by a piece called “Omi Iyọ,” which addresses the ongoing mass migration of people. Additionally, French designer Leslie Mugnier launched her handbag line, Lunier, which reflects her connection to nature through structured silk bags featuring embroidered cosmic motifs.
Overall, these individuals demonstrate a commitment to minimalist and natural beauty practices, as well as a dedication to their respective artistic and culinary endeavors.

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