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Woodbury Man Arrested for Assaulting Girl and Barricading Himself in Home, According to Nassau County Police – NBC New York

A teenage girl in Woodbury, Long Island was assaulted in her home by a 25-year-old man, prompting a lengthy standoff between the man and police. The incident began after the girl, who was naked and being chased by the man, managed to escape from the house and alert authorities. The man then barricaded himself inside the home, leading to a lockdown of the neighborhood and nearby schools. After several hours of negotiation, the standoff came to an end and the man was taken into custody, with charges pending against him. The police commissioner stated that the girl had suffered cuts and bruises from the assault and that the man had been a squatter at the home in foreclosure. It was also mentioned that there had been previous domestic incidents at the residence, although the girl had not been involved before. The priority now, according to the commissioner, is to ensure that the girl is taken care of and that the resident of the home is contained.

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