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The Mississippi River is an essential part of American history, yet it is not fully embraced.

The article discusses the lack of connection that many people feel towards the Mississippi River, despite its significant role in the United States as a great river with cultural and economic importance. The river advocates want to help people connect and understand the significance of the river.

It is noted that the Mississippi River is a vital water body for many and has played an important role in American cultural history. However, it seems to carry less reverence than other iconic water bodies across the country, and people may view it as a working river or a source of problems.

The article highlights that many people living in the Mississippi River basin do not feel a strong connection to the river, and the river’s engineering and manipulation may have played a role in this disconnect. An interview study conducted by the National Wildlife Federation revealed that people are less aware of their place within the river basin and how their activities impact the river.

The article also emphasizes the significant environmental challenges the river faces, including stalled legislative efforts to protect and restore its health. The lack of protection and attention given to the Mississippi River as compared to the Great Lakes is also noted.

In addition, the article discusses the changing landscape of the river and the reduction in commercial fishing in the upper river. People’s perception of the river as a working river, the impact of industry, and its unsuitability for recreational enjoyment are highlighted.

Overall, the article aims to raise awareness about the significance of the Mississippi River and advocates for a deeper understanding of its cultural, economic, and environmental importance. It underscores the importance of educating people about their place within the river basin and the impact of their actions.

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