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Panthers Eyeing Jets’ ‘MVP’ Coach for Their Vacant Head Coach Position

New York Jets Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich could be a prime candidate for a head coaching position with the Carolina Panthers or another team in the NFL, according to The Athletic’s Zack Rosenblatt. Despite a challenging season for the Jets, Ulbrich’s leadership and coaching prowess have kept the team’s defense as one of the best in the league, with 19 takeaways and a strong pass defense. Ulbrich’s extensive experience as a player and coach in the NFL make him a top candidate for a head coaching job.

After the Panthers announced the firing of head coach Frank Reich, there have been rumblings that Ulbrich could potentially move into a head coaching role. This sudden change in the Panthers’ coaching staff has also led to the departure of assistant coaches Duce Staley and Josh McCown, with speculation that McCown, a former Jets player, could rejoin the team as a coach.

Jets fans have expressed their support for the potential addition of McCown to the coaching staff, believing that his experience as a player and mentor would benefit the team’s young quarterbacks. Ulbrich and McCown could potentially play significant roles in the Jets’ coaching staff in the future.

Overall, despite a challenging season, the Jets see potential changes to their coaching staff, including the potential departure of Ulbrich and the possibility of welcoming back former players as coaches. This could mark a significant shift in the team’s leadership as they seek to improve their performance on the field in the seasons to come.

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