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NBA In-Season Tournament 2023-24: Dates, Knockout Round Bracket, and More Revealed by NBC New York

The NBA in-season tournament is heating up as the group play comes to a close and eight teams secure berths to the knockout rounds. Taking place in early December after a few more days of regular-season action, the quarterfinals will consist of straight in-season tournament games for the surviving teams until a winner is crowned.

The quarterfinal matchups will feature four teams from each conference, including the Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, and Boston Celtics from the Eastern Conference, and four Western Conference teams. All games will be broadcast on TNT.

The key dates for the tournament include the quarterfinals on December 4th and 5th, with the semifinals taking place on December 7th, and the final on December 9th, which will not count toward players’ regular-season statistics.

The teams who did not qualify for the quarterfinals will each play a home and away regular-season game on December 6th and 8th. The prize for the tournament winner is $500,000 for each player on the roster, with the runner-ups receiving $200,000 each, and additional prizes for the semifinal and quarterfinal losers. There will also be a Most Valuable Player award and an all-tournament team.

Overall, the NBA in-season tournament is sure to bring a high level of competition and excitement as the knockout rounds get underway. With the potential for substantial cash prizes and additional awards, teams will be giving their all to emerge as the champions. It’s a thrilling event that basketball fans won’t want to miss.

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