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Independent Organization to Govern Women’s Soccer in England – NBC New York

Women’s soccer in England is set to undergo a major change that will see an independent organization take control of the Women’s Super League and the second-tier Women’s Championship. This move is aimed at raising new standards in the sport and is scheduled to take effect from next year.

The Football Association has been running the WSL and the Championship since their formation, but plans were announced last year for an independent entity to take over the commercial activities of the women’s game and give clubs greater control of their future. The independent body, called NewCo, will be led by Nikki Doucet, a former investment banker and Nike executive.

Sue Campbell, director of women’s soccer at the Football Association, believes that these changes are a “historical moment for the women’s professional game in this country” and that it will take the game to a whole new level. England’s national team’s success in international competitions and the growth of women’s soccer in English clubs have made the move timely.

The aim is to make the Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship the most distinctive, competitive, and entertaining women’s club competitions in the world. This will allow clubs and players to make even bigger strides both on and off the pitch. England is one of six countries set to host the soccer tournament, and the changes will help capitalize on the growth of the women’s game, with clubs becoming more competitive in European competitions and the national team being one of the best in the world.

The move comes in the wake of the growth and success of women’s soccer in England in recent years and is expected to elevate the sport to even greater heights.

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