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In-Season NBA Tournament: Bucks, Celtics, and Pacers Lead Groups in East; Quarterfinals Matchups Decided

The NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament has reached the knockout round with six of the eight spots in the East up for grabs. The Bucks, Pacers, and Celtics claimed the top seeds in their respective groups, while the New York Knicks secured the wild-card spot. The Bucks defeated the Heat to win Group B and earn the top overall seed.

The knockout round will feature the following matchups:
– No. 1 Bucks vs. wild-card Knicks
– No. 2 Pacers vs. No. 3 Celtics

The games are set to tip off on Monday Dec. 4 and Tuesday Dec. 5.

Boston’s game against Chicago was the most exciting of the night, with the Celtics needing to win by at least 22 points to secure a potential tie-break. The Knicks also secured their position with a big win over a LaMelo Ball-less Charlotte team.

The matchups for the knockout round will see a rematch between the Bucks and the Knicks, with Milwaukee favored on their home court. The Pacers, who went unbeaten in Group A, will face off against the Celtics, who have the league’s best record.

The tournament has brought excitement to the NBA’s regular season, and fans are eager to see how the knockout round will unfold. The East bracket is set, and teams are ready to compete for a chance to win the inaugural In-Season Tournament. The games are sure to be intense as each team battles for a spot in the championship round.

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