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Former Daily News ad operations executive, Peter Andrew, passes away at the age of 70 after nearly 50 years of working at the paper.

Peter Andre, who retired as vice president of advertising operations at the Daily News, has died of stomach cancer at the age of 70. He started at the newspaper in a serendipitous manner and worked his way up for almost 50 years. Even on his last day, he displayed an unwavering commitment to detail that inspired his colleagues. Andre was an unwavering presence in his family’s life, residing in a suburb of New York City to provide his children with a better life than he had. His family later retired to South Carolina, where he continued to fight his cancer diagnosis and achieved two important milestones before passing away. A funeral service was recently held for Andre, and his family requested donations in his memory to the American Cancer Society or the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Joseph Andre, Peter’s son, continues to express admiration for his late father, describing him as the Superman in their lives and emphasizing his influence on the kind of men they are today.

Photo credit www.nydailynews.com


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