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Families: Israeli Hostages Experience a Range of Emotions Upon Returning from Captivity

Hostages who were recently freed by Hamas are dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions, according to Israeli relatives who spoke about their experiences at the Israeli Embassy in London on Tuesday. Limor Sella-Broyde, a 40-year-old woman whose cousins were among the hostages, described how they are experiencing bursts of euphoria followed by emotional crashes after weeks of fear in captivity. She explained that the hostages are trying to speak and then getting really tired. They are also in a difficult psychological state as they recover. Ms. Sella-Broyde shared that three of her relatives were killed during the attack by Hamas and seven others were taken hostage from Kibbutz Be’eri.

Two of the hostages who were recently released are named Judith and Natalie Raanan. They are dual citizens of Israel and the United States and were the first hostages to be freed after negotiations involving the United States, Qatar, and other nations. However, for their family, any sense of relief remains out of reach because many other members still remain captive, and the life they knew in the kibbutz has been shattered.

Ms. Sella-Broyde and Shahar Mor, another relative of the hostages, were part of a group of Israelis brought to London to raise awareness about the hostages still in captivity and the impact of the October 7 attacks. They expressed their reluctance to provide details of the experiences their family members had gone through while in Gaza, citing a desire to protect their privacy.

Mr. Mor shared that some of his relatives had been released, while others, including the family’s patriarch, remained in captivity. He explained that his relatives in captivity had subsisted mainly on pita bread as weeks went by, and they ate with their guards. They were given a pack of cards by one of the guards, which helped to pass the time, but Mr. Mor emphasized that one humane act does not distract from the group’s ruthlessness.

This article raises awareness about the emotional challenges faced by the hostages who were recently freed by Hamas and the impact on their families, while also shedding light on the ongoing captivity of other hostages still held by the group.

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