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Thai Groom Fatally Shoots Bride, Relatives, and Himself at Wedding

A tragic incident took place at a wedding reception in northeastern Thailand, where a groom fatally shot his bride and four others before taking his own life. The bride, 44-year-old Kanchana Pachunthuek, was the first victim, followed by her mother and younger sister. The groom, 29-year-old Chaturong, was a former paramilitary ranger and a silver medalist in swimming at the Asean Para Games. He had been living with Pachunthuek for three years before the wedding. The shooting also resulted in the death of one guest and serious injury to another. According to police, the couple had been arguing before Chaturong, who was reportedly intoxicated, left and returned with a gun before starting the shooting. Chaturong had legally purchased the firearms a year earlier. This tragic incident has shocked the community and left many in mourning.

Photo credit www.nydailynews.com


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