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NBC New York: Olympic Coach Terry O’Neill Shares Rowing Tips with ‘The Boys in the Boat’ Actors

The upcoming movie “The Boys in the Boat,” directed by George Clooney and set to release on December 25, 2023, brings the incredible underdog story of the USA rowing team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics to the big screen. The film features a group of working-class men from the University of Washington, who overcame the challenges of the Great Depression to secure a gold medal in the rowing competition. In preparation for their roles, the actors portraying the rowers had to learn the art of rowing. Olympic rowing coach Terry O’Neill was enlisted to lead the training, despite not being a rowing teacher. O’Neill persevered with a plan to train the actors to a level of competency within an eight-week period, focusing on physical sequences, controlling the oars, and incorporating boat experience. The training was not without challenges, with terrible weather conditions and a fair amount of trial and error. The actors had to learn by trying, failing, and adjusting, allowing them to build skill over time. As the movie’s release approaches, O’Neill anticipates its positive impact on the rowing community, creating excitement and interest in the sport. With George Clooney behind the lens, the film is poised to deliver a story of harmony, balance, and rhythm, much like the 1936 rowing team that took the world by storm.

Photo credit www.nbcnewyork.com


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