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Live: House expulsion vote looming for possible ousting of George Santos

New York Republican Representative George Santos has acknowledged he expects to be expelled from the House of Representatives this week, due to a 56-page report from the House Ethics Committee outlining evidence that he violated federal law. The report revealed many fabrications and lies about Santos’ history, including false employment and education claims. Previous attempts to expel him had been survived by Santos. The Ethics Committee and other Congressional leaders learned of his deceptions by 2022, and the latest effort to remove him from office began with revelations of his lies post-election. Despite the growing scandal surrounding him, Santos threw his support behind Kevin McCarthy’s campaign for Speaker of the House. In light of all these revelations, a pressure group formed by citizens in Santos’ 3rd Congressional District began holding protests outside his campaign office to try to force his expulsion. Congressional leaders are concerned with two pieces of luck that helped lead to his election to Congress in 2022. This situation could potentially pave the way for his removal from office. Despite evidence to the contrary, Santos has publicly denied any involvement in fraudulent schemes. Moreover, Santos is also accused of lying to the Federal Election Committee, with two of his former campaign staffers pleading guilty to finance-related crimes in connection with his campaign.

The New York Times also revealed other fabrications, such as performing as a drag queen in Brazil.

This are a series of lies and deceptions that have brought Rep. George Santos to the brink of expulsion from the House of Representatives. His actions have led to a groundswell of support for his removal from office, and further investigations seem likely to follow.

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