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Katie Stengel Reflects on Her Time in Liverpool: “I’d Always Welcome a Return”

Katie Stengel, a striker for Gotham FC, is currently in Colorado on a two-month break with her father after a hectic season. Stengel’s career has taken her to numerous teams across the U.S, Australia, and Europe. She recently joined Gotham on a temporary contract which was later made permanent. She also played a critical role in Gotham’s victory in the NWSL Championship game. Stengel’s unpredictable career has also seen her playing in England with Liverpool, which holds a special place in her heart. Her impressive record and her online presence have also made her a fan favorite. Looking ahead, Stengel remains open-minded about her future and stays motivated by her sister’s unfinished soccer career. Her passion for the sport and her ability to adapt to new surroundings has made Stengel a resilient and inspiring figure in the world of women’s soccer.

Photo credit theathletic.com


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