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Goodell: Hospitals’ Funding Release Demanded by Officials | News, Sports, Jobs

State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell recently discussed the progress of the new Brooks hospital project at a meeting with government officials, including Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Mayor-elect Kate Wdowiasz, Fredonia Mayor Douglas Essek, Mayor-elect Michael Ferguson, and County Executive PJ Wendel. The project, which has been allocated over $70 million in funds since 2016 and 2017, is now pushing for the release of these funds to construct the new hospital.

Goodell emphasized that the nurses association is now strongly in support of the project, despite ongoing debates about its location. Additionally, the SEU 1099 union is fully backing the project. To move the project forward, the meeting attendees agreed to draft a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul, requesting the release of the funding and to ensure it remains in the 2024 state budget. Goodell and State Sen. George Borrello are also starting their own letter to advocate for the release of the Brooks funds.

In an effort to rally support, Goodell offered a sign-up sheet for Dunkirk officials to demonstrate their backing of the funding release, which will be attached to the letter. This marks a critical time in the state budget process and the efforts of these elected officials to advance the hospital project. The progress of the project will largely depend on the release of the allocated funds and the support of government officials. Overall, the meeting was a significant step forward in pushing for the construction of the new Brooks hospital.

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