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Decades After Trial, New York Judge Vacates Two Wrongful Convictions

Rosa Jimenez was wrongfully convicted in 2005 of killing a toddler, and was exonerated after appearing in a news conference in New York. Wayne Gardine and Jabar Walker, who had been convicted of separate murders in the 90s, also had their cases overturned after findings of unreliable testimonies. Gardine was released on parole but detained by ICE, and his family and attorney are calling for his release. Walker filed a motion claiming actual innocence in 2019 and was released Monday, after a joint probe found pervasive misconduct led to his wrongful conviction. A man named Glynn Simmons spent over 48 years in prison before being exonerated from a murder conviction this year, and widespread official misconduct in the legal system has been reported. At least 115 prosecutor’s offices have conviction review units to look back on cases and prevent errors from happening in the future.

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