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Challenges for Josh Hart, Quentin Grimes’ Free Throw Issues, and Mitchell Robinson’s Performance

Josh Hart has expressed his frustration with not feeling included in the offense and his struggle to find his rhythm with the New York Knicks. In a recent game against the Phoenix Suns, Hart received passes on the perimeter but chose to hold onto the basketball rather than take 3-pointers. He blames his erratic play on not feeling included and not being in rhythm.

Hart’s role has changed this season, as he is playing more backup power forward and sharing playing time with Donte DiVincenzo. He has adapted by spending more time in the corners and not handling the ball as much. However, he has struggled to make shots and maintain his rhythm.

In addition to Hart’s struggles, Quentin Grimes has had difficulty getting to the free-throw line this season. He has only attempted one free throw in 14 games, which may be attributed to his role and playing style. Suggestions have been made to adjust the lineup to help Grimes improve his performance.

The article also discusses a debate among Knicks players about the color of a basketball, as well as the hygiene practices among NBA players. Mitchell Robinson has expressed concerns about players not washing their hands and the potential bacteria on basketballs.

Overall, the article delves into the challenges that several New York Knicks players are facing this season, including adjusting to new roles and struggling with performance. It also highlights the lighthearted debates and concerns surrounding hygiene within the league.

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