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AOC: Working Class NYC Residents Leaving Due to High Cost of Living

Working-class residents of New York City are fleeing the city due to the high cost of living, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During a discussion of the migrant crisis and Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed budget cuts, which includes shrinking the police force and reducing spending on schools, libraries, and cultural arts programs, the congresswoman questioned the lack of effort to increase taxes on the wealthy. She refuted claims that raising taxes on the richest citizens would lead to more people leaving the city, stating that census data shows that those moving out are not primarily the wealthiest people, but rather the working class who can no longer afford to live in the city. Recent census data indicates that more high-income New Yorkers, including billionaires, have indeed moved out of the city. This trend aligns with the argument made by conservatives that the city’s higher costs, including taxes, housing, and regulations, are driving New Yorkers of all means to relocate to lower-tax, lower-cost states such as Florida.

In response to this concerning phenomenon, AOC is calling for action to address the high cost of living in the city, particularly for working-class residents who are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. She emphasizes the need to tackle the issue of affordable housing and living expenses to prevent further migration out of the city. This claim by the congresswoman comes amidst ongoing discussions and debates about the allocation of resources and finances in New York City. As policymakers deliberate on budget cuts and tax reform, the impact on both the wealthy and working-class citizens has become a crucial topic of concern. If the trend of working-class residents leaving the city continues, it could have significant implications for the demographic makeup and economic dynamics of New York City. AOC’s remarks shed light on the urgency of the situation and the need for comprehensive measures to address the affordability crisis and prevent further displacement of working-class residents.

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