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Hillcrest HS Students Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting School Safety Agents in NYC One Week Before Targeting Pro-Israel Teacher

The NYPD arrested and issued juvenile reports to four students from Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, after they allegedly assaulted three safety agents tasked with breaking up a fight. The brawl broke out as three students attacked two others, leaving a total of three NYPD school officers injured. Shocking video circulated on social media and verified by the NYPD captured part of the harrowing attack. The NYPD has stated that violence in the school will not be tolerated.

The incident follows a riot that occurred less than a week prior, when mobs of students rampaged through the school after a teacher attending a pro-Israel rally was targeted, forcing the teacher to take refuge in a locked office. The rioters chanted, jumped, shouted, and waved banners and flags. Mayor Eric Adams and the city’s Department of Education denounced the incident. Councilwoman Vickie Paladino criticized the administration for being “totally compromised” and called for the school to be shut down pending a “full and thorough investigation”.

These violent incidents at Hillcrest High School raise concerns about the safety and environment at the school. The NYPD and city officials have condemned the violent behavior and are calling for order and discipline in the schools. The DOE has yet to respond to queries about the incidents.

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