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Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas War Nearing End: Pressure on Netanyahu to Extend Deal for Final 24 Hours

Israel and Hamas have entered the final 24 hours of a truce, and Hamas says it’s willing to extend the pause after releasing more hostages, including a four-year-old orphan. The pause saw more than 100 Palestinian prisoners released by Israel in return for dozens of hostages. US president Joe Biden said the goal is to keep the pause going and would like it to be paused for “as long as prisoners keep coming out”. Israel faces pressure from the families of hostages and allies to extend the truce to secure more releases, but Israeli defense minister, Yoav Gallant, predicted another two months of fighting. Unofficial reports have said that Israel and Hamas are ready to extend cease-fire for four more days if successful in finding missing hostages held by third party factions within the Gaza Strip. The first visit to Gaza since 2005 for an Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu indicated a certain willingness to extend the truce, yet the future remains uncertain. While more aid has been coming into Gaza during the ceasefire, deliveries are not sufficient enough after seven weeks of war. Hamas has also complained that Israel has not respected the terms of the deal. The pause has provided the opportunity for Palestinians to secure necessities and grieve properly, yet will come to an end within the next 24 hours. Differences between Israel and Hamas have grown as their motivations have lessened in support for the truce. After several peaceful exchanges of hostages, the final decision lies with both parties as they agree to further extension or commit to fighting after the Monday evening deadline.

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