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Anticipate increased controversy surrounding the disclosure of transgender youth following New Jersey elections

Battles are taking place in various New Jersey schools over policies that would reveal the identities of transgender students to their parents. A conservative organization, NJ Project, believes it has gained momentum after school board elections, but a progressive organization, Districts for Democracy, believes parents’ rights have made more modest gains than expected. Both sides agree that more school districts will probably create new policies on how to treat transgender students and that future board of education elections will likely be influenced by cultural and national politics. The NJ Project argues that state regulations and local school board policies exclude parents from their children’s lives. Meanwhile, Districts for Democracy, which opposes the conservative movement in schools, feels that parents’ rights won’t have a meaningful impact once they are in office. There are growing tensions over this issue, with districts revoking policies designed to protect transgender students and others facing state lawsuits. Some students and teachers feel that focusing on this single issue is distracting from other important matters. Overall, parents’ rights candidates performed well in the election by winning contested races and taking control of school boards, potentially impacting the policies that school districts will adopt.

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